Day: April 6, 2021

20 TikTok Recipes and Viral Foods Trends To Try

From baking to easy dinner ideas, there is simply no shortage of recipes on TikTok. Responsible for spawning viral food trends such as dalgona coffee, cloud bread and more recently, baked feta pasta, the video-sharing platform is filled with countless food-related hashtags and short tutorials worth checking out for anyone who enjoys home cooking. Below, we round up some of the best TikTok recipes that not only look delicious, but are also fun to whip up in the kitchen. Whether you’re looking for ideas of hearty breakfasts, indulgent desserts or healthier snacks, read on for 20 TikTok food trends to try now.

Baked Feta Pasta

@lindseyeatslabaked feta pasta w confit tomatoes ? ? ? ##bakedfeta ##bakedfetapasta ##fetapasta ##recipes ##pastatiktok recipe credit to @liemessa ✨♬ Gymnopedie #1 – Erik Satie – Jonathan Adams and Jennifer Adams

Famously known for causing stores in the U.S. to sell out of feta

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What to eat in the morning for all-day energy and satisfaction

If you’re feeling like a zombie in the morning, an unbalanced breakfast consisting primarily of simple sugars could be to blame, said Nancy Z. Farrell Allen, a registered dietitian nutritionist and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

“Carbohydrates — whether from fruits and vegetables or from sweets and cookies — breakdown to sugar in the body, otherwise known as glucose,” said McKel Kooienga, a registered dietitian, the founder of the blog Nutrition Stripped and the creator of the Mindful Nutrition Method, via email. “Think of glucose (or sugar) as energy in the body.”

After we eat carbs, the pancreas produces the insulin hormone to clear the sugar from the bloodstream, Kooienga explained. The type, timing and amount of carbs eaten determines how much sugar is introduced to the bloodstream at one time. Simpler or processed carbs — such as muffins or maple syrup — introduce sugar to … Read More

This Is the Best Celeb Chef Pasta Recipe

Carbs of any kind are major comfort food to us, but the ultimate comfort food has to be a bubbling casserole dish of baked pasta. The golden cheesy top is browned to perfection, the pasta that hides underneath is perfectly cooked and coated in creamy sauces, and let’s not forget about those crispy edges of pasta that the cheese didn’t quite cover. Talk about a plate of heartwarming goodness for dinner!

After I cooked three different celebrity chef pasta recipes from Ina Garten, Alex Guarnaschelli, and Guy Fieri, the top dish was a complete surprise. The pick for the number-one spot was based on three simple factors: how easy the recipe was to follow and make, how easy the ingredients were to acquire, the look of the pasta coming out of the oven, and the overall taste.

Here are the recipes I tested, ranked from good to best. And for

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Grilled Steak, Grilled Chicken & More

Grilling may be marketed as a summer activity, but most Americans are not bound to this ploy. The summer angle has never made a whole lot of sense, frankly — who in their right mind wants to sit by a 650-degree hellfire in the summer?

This curated and wide-ranging list of 25 great grill recipes includes sides, desserts and plenty of charred meat. Some are simply the best versions of a very typical dish (ribeye, fish tacos and so on), others are clever takes on classics. Use it year-round — your appetite isn’t bound to the temperature on your porch.

Grilled Pork Shoulder Steaks with Mustard Greens

grill recipe

Bon Appetit

This is one of thost part-recipes, part-exceptionally useful ideas. Bon Appétit shows us that cuts of meat needn’t always be bound to the philosophy that you should slow cook “bad” cuts and sear “good” cuts. Not only is this recipe delicious,

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