Day: April 3, 2021

5 Major Recipe Changes That Rocked the Fast-Food Industry

The food industry knows it better than most: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And among the major American fast-food chains, recipe modifications are a gamble in the best of times.

Sometimes, the payoff can be huge, like when McDonald’s replaced margarine with butter in its Egg McMuffins and saw dramatic increases in sales. Just as often, however, “improved” recipes end up being unpopular with customers, and companies are forced to backtrack to their original product.

The lesson may be that customers value consistency in their favorite foods and beverages at least as much as they value novelty—meaning that recipe changes, whatever the reasons behind them, will often be somewhat at odds with customer expectations. From the archive of the many failed fast-food recipe edits, here are five of the most notable ones. And for more on fast-food novelties, check out 7 Discontinued Items Fast-Food Chains Are Bringing Back

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40 High-Protein Vegetarian Meals That Will Fill You Up

Delicious and satiating high-protein vegetarian meals are essential for anyone who doesn’t eat meat—or is simply trying to cut back, even once in a while. And given the number of creative, convenient recipes out there today, incorporating high-protein, plant-packed dishes into your diet has never been easier or tastier. 

What counts as high-protein? There’s not a precise number, given everybody’s daily protein needs differ depending on factors like body size and composition, activity level, and age. But you do want to include protein with every meal for sure, and a good rough target for most people who exercise and want to ensure they’re getting plenty of protein to repair their muscles—or just stay full for the next few hours—is around 20 to 30 grams a sitting, as SELF has reported. 

While a slab of meat will get you there in no time, vegetarian meals often rely on a combination of

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Smashed Brussels Sprouts TikTok Recipe With Photos


Ask any of my friends or family, and they’ll tell you I’m not a Brussels sprouts person. However, I promised myself this would be the year I start to widen my palate, and so far, I’m quite proud. (I cook with onions now — it’s *so* exciting!) And I figured, if I’m going to give Brussels sprouts another go, I may as well turn to TikTok, because if the app has taught us anything, it’s that it’s the holy grail of underrated, lip-smacking, easy recipes.

As predicted, TikToker user @courtneyannep‘s smashed Brussels sprouts recipe didn’t steer me wrong. Not only is it supereasy to follow, but the recipe plays on a bunch of fun, contrasting flavors. The vibrancy of the onion powder and Italian seasoning is subdued from the warmth and poignant taste of the brown sugar and fresh Parmesan. It’s like a party in your mouth! And who

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