Day: April 5, 2021

Weekly Meal Plan: High Protein Spring Recipes to Keep You Fueled All Season Long!

Spring is officially here, which means you might be craving some more fresh, crispy meals! These meals are made with vegetables but pack a punch from the serving of protein! These high-protein meals will keep you fueled all season long!

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Are you ready to have a week full of delicious vegan food that leaves you nourished and content? Let’s get started!

This week, we’re bringing you high protein spring plant-based meals that are simply delicious for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! And, they are fully vegan and plant-based!


Vegan Maple and Mustard Glazed Tempeh With Crunchy Pistachios and Scallions

Source: Maple and Mustard Glazed Tempeh With Crunchy Pistachios and Scallions

These high protein veggie meals will have

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A recipe for simple udon noodles in soy broth that tastes simply irresistible

“The book is now a bigger message,” McKinnon said. “You see this quote on Instagram all the time: ‘Love us like you love our food.’”

A cook and food writer who ran a salad delivery business in Sydney before moving to the United States, McKinnon is the author of the best-selling cookbooks “Neighborhood” and “Family.” In “To Asia, With Love,” she wanted to more squarely address her experience as someone born in Australia to Chinese-immigrant parents. “The way I cook is, in many ways, third-culture cooking, a cross-pollination of ideas and techniques that are grounded in my Chinese heritage, yet greatly influenced by growing up in the Western World,” she writes in the book. “It is not distinctly Chinese, nor Australian, but rather a third interpretation of the two cultures.”

As she told me: “My upbringing is like that of many immigrant children, teetering between so

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Chinese Food Recipes

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Not all fats are dangerous for you. The truth is, some are beneficial—specifically the monounsaturated kind, found in nuts, avocado, olive oil, and nut butters , for instance. “Monounsaturated fat do not appear to trigger irritation and may very well help management it,” says Dr. Adams. “It additionally ensures coronary heart well being.” … Read More