Day: June 9, 2021

Week of Meals: Recipe developer and author Dawn Perry’s recipes

This is the third installment in our Week of Meals series, which will give you five weeknight dinner recipes with all the planning and strategizing built in. Each meal makes four servings, comes together — start to finish — in less than 60 minutes and requires 10 or fewer ingredients (not counting cooking oil, salt and pepper or water). The groceries for all five meals can be bought from a single grocery store and in a single shopping trip (remember, we’re looking to alleviate your frustration) and will cost less than $100 total.

Writer, recipe developer and cookbook author Dawn Perry provides the recipes for this installment. Here’s how she plans out her weekday meals and the ingredients that inspire her dishes, which must come together quickly and easily while also feeding her two small children.

“I rarely make a meal plan for the whole week. Instead I think in

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