Day: June 26, 2021

21 Easy Summer Dinners You’ll Cook (or Throw Together) on Repeat

When temperatures soar above 80 degrees, it’s OK to use the word “cook” loosely. This time of year, dinners are often made on the fly anyway, tossed together after a day at a park or by a pool. The New York Times Cooking recipes below stick to those unwritten rules of summer cooking: They must be bright and quick, with absolutely no oven required.

This Seville-style gazpacho from Julia Moskin makes the perfect lunch or dinner on days when turning on the stove sounds sacrilegious. This chilled, creamy (but creamless!) soup takes a cool 20 minutes to blend, season and strain.

A well-dressed salad can make for a light but filling summer meal. “Adding to the chorus of folks saying this dressing is stellar!” one commenter wrote of the umami-rich blend of cashews, garlic, mustard, miso paste and caper brine in this recipe from Becky Hughes. If it’s too hot

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