Day: June 22, 2021

11 Air Fryer Recipes, From Appetizers to Desserts 2021

Food deep-fried in oil is undeniably some of the most delicious around. But, overeating fried food comes with some health risks. Fortunately, if you can’t steer clear of crispy fried goodness, air fryers are a great compromise to get the same great taste of traditionally fried foods with a fraction of the oil, thereby helping you keep your waistline and your cholesterol in check.

With developments in air fryer technology over the past five years or so, you’ll have a hard time telling which foods are air-fried and which are the real thing. A great thing about air fryers is they have precise controls and different cooking functions that account for the different types of food you may be cooking. So from French fries to fried chicken to Brussels sprouts, you can fry up every aspect of your meal if you so choose.

When you buy a new air fryer,

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Chefs’ Best Tips for Recipes Everyone Should Know How to Make

Whether they’re baking a basic birthday cake or properly blanching vegetables, all adults should know how to make certain foods. But that isn’t always the case, and many people have gaps in their cooking knowledge.

To help you make those key dishes even better, Insider asked three professional chefs how to upgrade 16 foods everyone should know how to cook.

Read on to see what they had to say.

Make super creamy mashed potatoes by boiling the potatoes in milk instead of water 

A bowl of creamy mashed potatoes with butter, fresh herbs and freshly cracked black pepper. Top view with close up.

Swapping out water for milk when boiling potatoes makes a huge difference.

Dina Saeed/Shutterstock

To step up your mashed potatoes, boil the potatoes in salted milk instead of water, said Sara Hauman, the head chef at Soter Vineyards in Carlton, Oregon. 

“After the potatoes have cooked, drain them and add soft butter to make super creamy not even remotely greasy mashed potatoes,” Hauman said. “For

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New Cookbook Honors Late Linda McCartney’s Plant-Based Recipes

Paul McCartney is spreading the word about vegan living with a new cookbook, PEOPLE reported. Honoring his late wife, Linda, Paul McCartney and his daughters, Mary and Stella, are releasing Linda McCartney’s Family Kitchen: Over 90 Plant-Based Recipes to Save the Planet and Nourish the Soul, featuring Linda’s best-loved recipes for a new generation.

A press release announcing the June 29 release said, the cookbook will “bring Linda’s kitchen up to date, reinventing her best-loved recipes for the plant-based cook, alongside their favorite family stories and the dishes that they now eat at home.” Linda passed away in 1998 and was a vegetarian.

“An original food pioneer, Linda believed in great-tasting, wholesome, meat-free food, and embraced kindness and compassion in everything she did,” the press release shared. The personal book will also include personal stories and family photos of the McCartneys.

“Years ago, before anyone had woken up to

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