Day: February 14, 2021

Lemon Custard Buttermilk Pancakes Recipe and Photos


Looking to mix up your brunch game? While we’ll never turn down classics like waffles, eggs, and bagels, sometimes you just need a little somethin’ more to help you jump out of bed in the morning. Enter: these lemon custard buttermilk pancakes! This decadent yet simple breakfast features pillowy pancakes that are topped with a silky lemon custard that’s light, tart, sweet, and so delicious.

The pancake base is simple and can be adapted to suit any taste (feel free to use whatever pancake recipe you like best). And for the custard, if you love citrus but aren’t a huge fan of lemon, feel free to switch it out for orange or a blueberry compote. The lemon custard in this recipe can also be enjoyed on its own, or with strawberries or raspberries for a lighter treat on the side of the pancakes.

A major plus with this recipe is

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Redditor finds secret pasta sauce recipe hidden in his garage

David, a medical laboratory scientist who posts to Reddit as orestes77, was pulling down some old pegboard in his Denver, Colorado garage when he found an envelope with “spaghetti recipe” written across the front hidden behind the wall.

“From the spot it was placed and the way it was worded, I am certain it was left there for a future owner to find one day,” David told TODAY Food.

David shared a photo for the recipe in the Old_Recipes subreddit recently, and his fellow vintage recipe enthusiasts were wowed by the ingredients list, which includes a gallon of chopped onions, five pounds of ground beef and a half cup of salt.

“It’s interesting that it makes so much,” David said. “Was it for a restaurant?”

Even more interesting is the painstaking detail the recipe writer, someone named Bill Engleman, takes with his instructions, giving specific directions to

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Appetizers And Snack Recipes

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11 Vegan Recipes to Celebrate Lunar New Year

Before diving into dumplings and spring rolls, it’s important to know the difference between Lunar New Year and Chinese New Year: Lunar New Year is celebrated across several Asian countries. For the vegan recipes below, we’re narrowing down the incredibly vast options and sticking to Chinese heritage foods. The multi-day celebration begins on Friday, February 12, and traditionally kicks off with a fantastic display of fireworks, ending with a gorgeous paper lantern festival. Here, we’ve gathered 11 delicious vegan recipes to fuel your Lunar New Year festivities. 

1. Vegan Mushroom Potstickers by The Plant-Based Wok

Dumplings (aka potstickers) are central in any Chinese New Year celebration. Their variety is infinite—sweet, savory, steamed, pan-fried—you can stuff and prepare them any way you like. These shiitake mushroom potstickers are crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside, and bursting with umami. Make a large batch and freeze a few (uncooked) to last

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