Day: February 28, 2021

A vegan tortilla soup recipe with mushrooms, black beans and your favorite toppings

The broth, meanwhile, is the backbone, and it should be deeply flavored and a little smoky.

Garza’s one-pot recipe, from his new book “The 30-Day Vegan Meal Plan for Beginners,” gets that flavor from a little adobo sauce from canned chipotles that you blend into the base of tomatoes and aromatic vegetables. You brown mushrooms in the same pot with spices, then simmer them in the broth before stirring in some corn, cilantro and lime juice shortly before serving. The recipe is such a breeze to put together, it surprised me that it resulted in such complex flavors. I made one addition — a can’s worth of black beans for protein.

Given that I’ve been trying to cook more low-sodium dishes for my husband lately, I also followed one of Garza’s suggested alternatives, to pan-fry corn tortillas instead of using store-bought chips. It adds only 10 minutes

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Welcome to Selfmade Finance School, our new money series with Block Advisors to help small business owners with their tax, bookkeeping, and payroll needs year-round. This week, we answer one of the most common tax season Q’s of all… do you really need an accountant?

There are certain things that I do not do for myself. I don’t color my own hair. I don’t inject my own Botox. I don’t do my own taxes. I should probably just end things right here and go unload the dishwasher but I am not known for my brevity. So here are more reasons why you should consider hiring someone to help you with your taxes this year:

2020 Was Really Weird

If you are a business owner, you know how insane 2020 was. With the pandemic came the CARES Act and the lending programs — PPP, EIDL … all the letters. And

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