Day: March 5, 2021

Star chef Alon Shaya helped a Holocaust survivor recreate recipes from his prewar youth

(JTA) — Visiting Yad Vashem a decade ago, Alon Shaya got to see some of the Jerusalem Holocaust museum’s culinary artifacts that aren’t always on display to the public.

It was the James Beard Award-winning chef’s introduction to the fact that concentration camp inmates distracted themselves by recalling and secretly writing recipes — on scraps of hidden paper and cloth — from their prewar lives.

“Food is such a big part of everything I do. It really moved me that people who were trapped, who were facing almost certain death, were helped by these memories of food. It reminded me of the power of food,” Shaya said. “They would not have spent their last moments documenting this if they did not think this was important.”

The Israel-born Shaya was raised in Philadelphia and now lives in New Orleans, where he and his wife, Emily, own Pomegranate Hospitality. The

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A Persian-style chicken and rice recipe with lentils, golden raisins and dates

He’d host parties late into the night with his friends and lay out a table full of saffron-spiked stews and rice dishes. The whole room would practically glow golden, filled with the lightly floral, grassy perfume of saffron. And the night would end in boisterous laughter and squeals, my uncle said, “because eating lots of saffron makes you laugh.”

Memory is mutable, but that last line has lived in my mind for decades, supported, in part, by the gentle happiness I feel whenever I cook with saffron. I’ll never be able to “throw handfuls” of the precious, expensive spice into anything, but I do enjoy cooking with a pinch of it from time to time. If you don’t have saffron, that’s all right, you can make this recipe for Persian-style chicken and rice without it. But if you do, use it. You deserve something special.

This recipe is based on

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Straightforward Selfmade Food Items Kids Can Make

Food & Cooking,Best Diet,Best Restaurants,chinese food menu,Recipes foodOur probiotic Kefir Cream Frosting is the one frosting recipe you’ll ever need! Chinese scorching pot is on the rise to turn into the go-to dining choice for wintry climate. But though the style is sometimes called one unified delicacies by many Western audiences, there are differences — and the race for the most effective one has been occurring for many years, if not centuries, across Chinese language communities. New York City, thanks to its more and more diversified Chinese meals scene, can be witnessing a full-blown rivalry.

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After backlash from food bloggers, a website aimed at ‘fixing online recipes’ goes dark

A website that collates recipes from the internet has been taken down just hours after it launched, following backlash from food bloggers.

Product manager and engineer Tom Redman took to Twitter over the weekend to announce a new website called Recipeasly that he and a few friends created “to fix online recipes.” He also shared the following description of the website: “your favourite recipes except without the ads or life stories.”

The concept isn’t new, of course. For years, at-home cooks have been divided into two camps: those who enjoy reading food bloggers’ lengthy descriptions of their recipes and how they came about, and those who prefer to click “jump to recipe” and get right down to business.

But for many food bloggers who create recipes for free, the blog that goes along with the recipe helps them optimize their posts for searchability and monetization. And many food bloggers

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