Day: March 22, 2021

7 fresh recipe ideas to celebrate the start of spring

Spring starts tomorrow and the new season brings with it more sunshine, more opportunities to spend time outdoors and of course plenty of bountiful produce. Whether you’re an expert home chef or more of a dabbler, spring is the perfect time to visit a farmers market and try out a new recipe that incorporates healthy and colorful food into your menu. After a winter of comfort foods (which we needed a lot of!) and hearty stews it’s time to start thinking fresh and light when it comes to home cooking. Here are seven recipes that will help you celebrate the start of spring — pair them with a beautiful glass of rosé or some fresh limeade to toast to a happy and healthy season.

Grilled Asparagus

Grilled asparagus

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

Asparagus is one of those healthy greens that’s so easy to cook with just a little EVOO, salt and pepper.

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10 Overnight Oats Recipes Full of Protein and Fiber

Sometimes hitting the snooze button in the morning for a precious extra 10 minutes of sleep is 100 percent worth it. The only problem: It makes getting ready more rushed, and when you run out of time on a.m.’s like that, the first task to typically go is cooking up breakfast. (It’s not like you can exactly skip getting dressed unless you’re blessed with a work-from-home job where no one sees you.)

The secret to being able to sleep in while still having something to eat? Making it in advance. There’s a reason why there are entire cookbooks dedicated to meal prepping, and when it comes to planning ahead in the breakfast department, overnight oats are a beloved favorite.

Here’s how overnight oats is different from oatmeal: One, as mentioned, it can be made in advance. It’s a no-cook method of making oatmeal, which is why it can save

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This easy key lime pie recipe is perfect for beginners

But, eventually, the children get older. They learn to read, they learn to reason, they learn to Google. The cracks in the literacy long con begin to show, and by the time middle school rolls around, those cracks have become craters your kids will gladly lob grenades made of logic and algebra into. While I may no longer be their go-to when it comes to chemistry or Kierkegaard, I have realized there are areas where I am not merely proficient but masterful. For example, I can fold fitted bedsheets. I can fix a leaky faucet. Last year, I kept a basil plant alive for 10 whole months. And, I can cook. Damn well, I may add.

Though I have cooked professionally for close to 20 years, you do not need my level of know-how to dominate in the kitchen. The kitchen is where the little things shine, because when you

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