Day: March 4, 2021

Recipeasly recipe scraping website goes offline after uproar from food blogger community

“I can see why you want to bookmark all of them in one place,” Lin said during a phone call from her home in Sacramento. “I wouldn’t go and create a [website] that mines all of that content and puts it into a new thing for people to access for free. There’s just so much copyright infringement on there. So I just don’t understand why that kind of process didn’t go through the developers’ minds.”

After a presumably lengthy development period, the Canada-based Recipeasly announced a relaunch on Sunday in tweets from at least two of its creators, Tom Redman and Jack Read. Redman trumpeted that Recipeasly would “fix online recipes” by removing the clutter. Both men said the site would give users access to their favorite recipes “without the ads or life stories.” They asked for feedback and retweets.

They got a lot of the former, most of

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The best heart-healthy recipes you should try in 2021

How often do you think about your heart? Probably not that often, yet it’s working hard for us every second of the day. Our heart pumps blood throughout our body, carrying the nutrients and oxygen that our organs rely on. And it also sends the carbon dioxide that we need to get rid of to our lungs. That means without a healthy heart, we’re in deep trouble. Unfortunately, heart disease remains the number one killer of men and women in the United States.

The food we eat, the beverages we drink, the air we breathe and the activities we do all have an effect on our ticker. Since we want to keep it in great shape for decades to come, let’s take a look at the nutrients that can help us support heart health and the delicious foods we can find them in.

Key Nutrients for Heart Health



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The Best Recipes From TikTok

Real foodies know that the best spot to find tried, true, and trendy recipes is on TikTok. The social media platform is home to countless hashtags that house some of the most mouthwatering recipes of all, and wow, are they good. #FoodTikTok, #foodrecipe, #ChefsofTikTok, #Blackchef, and #RecipesofTikTok contain ideas that are delicious, easy to follow, and dangerously drool-worthy. After baked feta pasta started trending on the app, it was apparent that TikTok was filled with countless other recipes that deserved the same amount of attention. From deliciously easy baked oats recipes that’ll make any morning better to Disney-movie-inspired meals that are creative enough to be deemed magical, TikTok is the place to go when you want to shake things up in the kitchen.

If you’re ready to try the most mouthwatering recipes out there, all you have to do is follow these ideas and get cookin’! Whether you’re looking to

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An air fryer fried fish recipe that’s crispy and quick

The fish fries attract lines of cars as folks gather to pick up food after work, but fried fish also is something we frequently made at home during the season when many Christians abstain from meat, especially on Fridays. We’d slip battered trout and catfish fillets into hot oil in a black cast-iron skillet and fry them until they turned golden on the outside and flaky on the inside.

I love fried foods, but it can be a messy kitchen project, especially on a weeknight, and these days I’ve relegated deep-fried foods to the occasional treat.

Recently, Cynthia R. Greenlee wrote in The Post about how an air fryer reignited her cooking enthusiasm, something she was losing because of the pandemic. She offered insight about how she once “groused … that these miniature convection ovens aren’t fryers at all. Instead, they surround food in an El Niño of hot air,

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