Day: March 10, 2021

A quicker chicken pot pie recipe with a phyllo crust recipe for ease and crispness

That’s where this variation on the chicken pot pie steps in. The filling of diced chicken and vegetables comes together fairly quickly — chopping the chicken is the most time-consuming part.

Once the filling is made, it can then be spooned into a ramekin and topped with squares of layered phyllo and baked in about 15 minutes. I bake off one or two for a single night’s meal for me and my husband. I tuck the filling and phyllo in the refrigerator and then, I take a break, skipping a night or two, before reheating the filling, scooping it into ramekins again, freshly layering with phyllo and baking the second batch.

That break can be all I need to appreciate the dish again. It’s leftovers, yes, but because it is freshly baked, it doesn’t feel that way.

The chicken mixture is easy to use in other ways, too. It is

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